Elon Musk and Elizabeth Warren get into ugly Twitter spat over tax reform

Elon Musk was named “Individual of the 12 months” by the Instances Journal on Monday. Nonetheless, not all individuals agreed with the title. US Senator Elizabeth Warren responded to this information by tweeting, “Let’s change the rigged tax code so The Individual of the 12 months will really pay taxes and cease freeloading off everybody else.”

In response to this sharp barb, which hinted that billionaires like Musk don’t pay their fair proportion of taxes, didn’t go effectively with the Tesla CEO and SpaceX Founder. He shot a collection of tweets defending his tax funds. He additionally accused Warren of “projecting” by sharing an article that questions the validity of Warren’s Native American ancestry.

In a single tweet, he referred to Warren as “Senator Karen”. The title “Karen” is mostly used as a slang for white girls who’re entitled and obnoxious.

This isn’t the primary time that Musk has gone after politicians who’ve advocated for tax reform. Earlier in November this yr, he shot at US senator Bernie Sanders after the latter tweeted in favour of upper taxes for the “extraordinarily rich”.  Musk has earlier bought Tesla shares price $5 billion following a Twitter ballot and had requested Bernie in a tweet, “Need me to promote extra inventory, Bernie? Simply say the phrase.”

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