Electrical Truck Markets 2021-2041: IDTechEx

1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1.1. Electrical Vehicles: Drivers and Boundaries 1.2. Street Freight Market 1.3. International CO2 emission: medium & heavy responsibility vehicles 1.4. Vary of zero emission medium and heavy vehicles 1.5. Heavy-duty: BEV or gasoline cell? 1.6. Vehicles and Covid-19 1.7. Electrical Vehicles and Covid-19 1.8. Key international forecast takeaways 1.9. Key regional forecast takeaways 1.10. MD & HD Truck Market Penetration 2017-2041 1.11. MD & HD Truck Unit Gross sales 2017-2041 (BEV, PHEV, FCEV) 1.12. Electrical MD & HD Truck Battery Demand 2017-2041 (GWh) 1.13. eM&HDT gross sales by area (000s items) 1.14. Electrical MD & HD Truck Market Worth 2017-2041 ($ Billion) 1.15. Commentary 2. INTRODUCTION 2.1. Electrical Automobile Phrases 2.2. Electrical Automobiles: Primary Precept 2.3. Electrical Automobiles: Typical Specs 2.4. Kinds of widespread on-road truck 2.5. A class that’s tough to outline 2.6. Completely different segments of products transportation by land 2.7. Truck classifications 2.8. Truck kind 2.9. Truck axle format descriptions 2.10. The Core Driver: Local weather Change 2.11. International CO2 emission: medium & heavy-duty vehicles 2.12. CO2 emission from street transport, EU 2.13. GHG emission from the truck sector 2.14. City air high quality 2.15. Fossil Gas Bans (Cities) 2.16. Fossil Gas Bans: Defined 2.17. Official or Legislated Fossil Gas Bans (Nationwide) 2.18. Unofficial, Drafted or Proposed Fossil Gas Bans (Nationwide) 2.19. The worldwide freight transport business 2.20. Street Freight Market 2.21. Projected improve in international street freight exercise 2.22. The rise of e-commerce: elevated freight demand 2.23. Gas / emissions regulation for brand new vehicles 2.24. Gas / CO2 emissions regulation for brand new vehicles 2.25. December 2018: EU agrees 30% minimize in truck CO2 emissions 2.26. Emissions regulation for brand new vehicles – different pollution 2.27. Gas Saving Know-how Areas 2.28. The rise of zero (or close to zero) exhaust emission vehicles 2.29. EU initiatives to offset extra powertrain weight 3. MEDIUM & HEAVY-DUTY TRUCKS IN EUROPE 3.1. Overview 3.1.1. Primary truck manufacturers in Europe 3.1.2. Medium and Heavy-Obligation Truck Gross sales within the EU 3.1.3. The freight transport business – Europe 3.2. Europe eTruck Gamers 3.2.1. Electrical Vehicles: MAN (VW GROUP) 3.2.2. Electrical Vehicles: SCANIA (VW GROUP) 3.2.3. Scania and Northvolt partnership 3.2.4. Electrical Vehicles: VOLVO 3.2.5. Electrical Vehicles: RENAULT TRUCKS (VOLVO) 3.2.6. Renault Vehicles: A long time Earlier than Electrical Lengthy Haul? 3.2.7. Biofuels and displacement fuels a stepping stone? 3.2.8. Renault BEV Refuge Truck at EVS 32 3.2.9. Electrical Vehicles: MERCEDES (DAIMLER) 3.2.10. FUSO eCanter 3.2.11. Daimler eActros 3.2.12. Daimler eActros “innovation fleet” 3.2.13. Electrical Vehicles: IVECO 3.2.14. Electrical Vehicles: DAF (PACCAR) 3.2.15. Electrical Vehicles: E-FORCE ONE 3.2.16. Electrical Vehicles: FRAMO 3.2.17. Electrical Vehicles: TERBERG 3.2.18. Electrical Vehicles: ARRIVAL 3.2.19. Electrical Vehicles: EMOSS 3.2.20. Electrical Vehicles: TEVVA 4. MEDIUM & HEAVY-DUTY TRUCKS IN THE US 4.1. Overview 4.1.1. Primary truck manufacturers within the US 4.1.2. Primary truck manufacturers within the US in 2019 4.1.3. Medium and Heavy-Obligation Truck Gross sales within the US 4.1.4. The freight transport business – US 4.1.5. Business points based on US truckers 4.1.6. Common truck alternative age within the US 4.1.7. Different gasoline selections for vehicles within the US 4.1.8. The price of trucking in the US 4.1.9. Common US On-Freeway Diesel Costs 2000-Sep2020 4.1.10. Operating price for US truckers 4.1.11. No one desires to be a truck driver within the US 4.1.12. The answer: electrical, autonomous vehicles? 4.1.13. California’s Superior Clear Vehicles Regulation 4.1.14. CARB Voucher Incentive Challenge 4.2. US eTruck Gamers 4.2.1. Electrical Vehicles: FREIGHTLINER (DAIMLER) 4.2.2. Electrical Vehicles: PETERBILT (PACCAR) 4.2.3. Electrical Vehicles: VOLVO 4.2.4. Electrical Vehicles: MACK (VOLVO) 4.2.5. Electrical Vehicles: INTERNATIONAL (NAVISTAR) 4.2.6. Electrical Vehicles: TESLA 4.2.7. Electrical Vehicles: XOS TRUCKS 4.2.8. Electrical Vehicles: ALKANE 4.2.9. Electrical Vehicles: LION ELECTRIC 4.2.10. Electrical Vehicles: CUMMINS 4.2.11. Electrical Vehicles: WRIGHTSPEED 4.2.12. Electrical Vehicles: ZEROTRUCK 4.2.13. Electrical Vehicles: CHANJE 4.2.14. Electrical Vehicles: EDI 4.2.15. Motiv Energy Programs – Medium Obligation eTrucks 4.2.16. Electrical Vehicles: ORANGE EV 4.2.17. TransPower – Heavy Obligation Class 8 eTrucks 4.2.18. Electrical Vehicles: TransPower 4.2.19. Electrical Vehicles: LIGHTNING SYSTEMS 4.2.20. Rivian / Amazon electrical supply van 5. MEDIUM & HEAVY-DUTY TRUCKS IN CHINA 5.1. Overview 5.1.1. Primary truck manufacturers in China 5.1.2. Medium and Heavy-Obligation Truck Gross sales in China 5.1.3. The worldwide freight transport business – China 5.1.4. The freight transport business – China 5.1.5. Truck engine provider relationships in China 5.1.6. Chinese language truck joint ventures 5.1.7. China’s truck market segments 5.1.8. Complete Industrial Automobile Gross sales in China 5.2. China eTruck Gamers 5.2.1. Electrical Vehicles: FAW JIEFANG 5.2.2. Electrical Vehicles: DONGFENG 5.2.3. Electrical Vehicles: SINOTRUCK CDW 5.2.4. Electrical Vehicles: SHACMAN 5.2.5. Electrical Vehicles: FOTON 5.2.6. Electrical Vehicles: JAC MOTORS 5.2.7. Electrical Vehicles: DAYUN 5.2.8. Electrical Vehicles: GEELY 5.2.9. Electrical Vehicles: BYD 5.2.10. Electrical Vehicles: CHTC Chufeng 6. MEDIUM & HEAVY-DUTY TRUCKS: ROW 6.1.1. Primary truck manufacturers in Japan 6.1.2. Japan truck market share by producer 6.1.3. Historic truck gross sales in Japan 6.1.4. Truck transport enterprise in Japan 6.1.5. Russian Truck Fleet 6.1.6. Historic truck gross sales in Russia 6.1.7. Russia truck market share by producer 6.1.8. Historic truck gross sales in India 6.1.9. India truck market share by producer 6.1.10. Mexico 6.1.11. Electrical Vehicles: HINO MOTORS 6.1.12. Electrical Vehicles: HYUNDAI 7. TCO CONSIDERATIONS 7.1. Benefits and downsides of electrical vs. gasoline cell vehicles 7.2. TCO issues for electrical vehicles 7.3. Price projections in chosen nations for varied powertrains 7.4. Electrical vehicles lowered working prices 7.5. TCO of a diesel vs. an all-electric Class 6 truck 7.6. TCO of a diesel vs. an all-electric tractor-trailer 7.7. Overcoming obstacles for low emission applied sciences 7.8. Extra carrot, extra stick 8. LI-ION BATTERIES 8.1. Overview 8.1.1. What’s a Li-ion battery? 8.1.2. The Battery Trilemma 8.1.3. Electrochemistry Definitions 8.1.4. Lithium-based Battery Household Tree 8.1.5. Battery Want Listing 8.1.6. Extra Than One Kind of Li-ion battery 8.1.7. NMC: from 111 to 811 8.1.8. Cobalt: Value Volatility 8.1.9. Cathode Efficiency Comparability 8.1.10. 811 Commercialisation Examples 8.1.11. Industrial Anodes: Graphite 8.1.12. The Promise of Silicon-based Anodes 8.1.13. The Actuality of Silicon 8.1.14. Silicon: Incremental Steps 8.1.15. What’s in a Cell? 8.1.16. Inactive Supplies Negatively Have an effect on Power Density 8.1.17. Industrial Battery Packaging Applied sciences 8.1.18. Comparability of Industrial Cell Geometries 8.1.19. What’s NCMA? 8.1.20. Lithium-based Batteries Past Li-ion 8.1.21. Li-ion Chemistry Snapshot: 2020, 2025, 2030 8.2. Industrial Battery Pack Gamers 8.2.1. LithiumWerks: Standing Outdoors the Social gathering 8.2.2. LithiumWerks’ Battery Cells 8.2.3. LithiumWerks’ Battery Cells: Made in China 8.2.4. Akasol Rising as Key Provider for Industrial EVs 8.2.5. Akasol Power Density Street Map for Industrial EVs 8.2.6. Akasol’s ‘Reply to Stable State’ 8.2.7. Leclanché: Premium Battery Maker 8.2.8. Forsee Energy: Struggling to Stand Out 8.2.9. Webasto Increasing Manufacturing 8.2.10. EnerDel: battery packs for vehicles 9. BATTERY CHOICE FOR ELECTRIC TRUCKS 9.1. LFP or Excessive-Nickel Cathodes for eTrucks? 9.2. Electrical Truck OEM Battery Chemistry Alternative 9.3. Heavy-Obligation Battery Alternative: Vary & Payload 9.4. Heavy-Obligation Battery Alternative: Charging 9.5. Heavy-Obligation Battery Alternative: Price 9.6. Heavy-Obligation Battery Alternative: Reliability 9.7. Provide Chain Examples: In-Home Pack Meeting 9.8. Provide Chain Examples: In-Home Pack & Cell Meeting 9.9. Provide Chain Examples: Exterior Pack Meeting 9.10. Chemistry selection – Europe and North America 9.11. Battery Chemistry Tailor-made to Obligation Requirement 9.12. Timeline and Outlook For Li-ion Power Densities 9.13. China Electrical Heavy-Obligation Truck Battery Suppliers 9.14. CATL & BYD Dominate eBus Battery Market 9.15. Chinese language Battery Producers for eBuses 10. CHARGING 10.1. Charging strategies 10.2. MW Charging Issue for BEVs 10.3. The emergence of ‘Mega chargers’ 10.4. Siemens eHighway 10.5. There’s Now An Electrical Freeway In California 10.6. Mack demonstrates catenary-powered PHEV 10.7. Volvo’s electrical roads level to battery-free EV future 10.8. Qualcomm – dynamic charging 10.9. Daimler Truck opened charging park for business EVs 10.10. CharIN is engaged on charging normal for business electrical autos 10.11. Momentum Dynamics: high-power wi-fi charging for electrical automobile fleets 10.12. Kinds of electrical street techniques 10.13. Electrical street techniques: conductive versus inductive 10.14. Electrical street techniques: Sweden 10.15. Germany exams its first electrical freeway for vehicles 10.16. Electrical street techniques: market and challenges 11. ELECTRIC TRACTION MOTORS 11.1. Comparability of Traction Motor Development and Deserves 11.2. Motor Effectivity Comparability 11.3. Magnet Value Enhance? 11.4. LCVs & Vehicles 11.5. Motors per Automobile and kWp per Automobile Assumptions 11.6. Brushed DC: Small Presence in LCVs 11.7. LCVs and Vehicles Motor Outlook 12. FUEL CELLS 12.1. Proton Trade Membrane Gas Cells 12.2. Gas Cell Inefficiency and Cooling Strategies 12.3. Challenges for Gas Cells 12.4. Gray Hydrogen 12.5. Case Examine: Hydrogen Prices 12.6. Infrastructure Prices 12.7. Gas Cell Charging Infrastructure within the US 12.8. Gas Price per Mile: FCEV, BEV, internal-combustion 12.9. Gas cells and vehicles immediately 12.10. Major points for battery and gasoline cell vehicles 12.11. Batteries vs. Gas Cells: driving vary 12.12. Information to hydrogen truck refuelling 12.13. Growing hydrogen refuelling infrastructure 12.14. Nikola Vehicles: Hydrogen Infrastructure 12.15. Different fuels era – 2030 vs. 2050 12.16. Utilizing bio-waste to generate hydrogen 12.17. Timeline for Nikola 12.18. First Nikola truck might be a BEV (not gasoline cell) 12.19. Nikola One 12.20. Nikola Industrial Truck Milestones 12.21. Nikola TWO: New Flagship Gas Cell Truck 12.22. Nikola BEV Rubbish Truck Order 12.23. Nikola an “Power Know-how Firm”? 12.24. IDTechEx Take: The Future for Nikola 12.25. Gas Cell Vehicles: KENWORTH (PACCAR) 12.26. Gas Cell Vehicles: BALLARD / UPS 12.27. Gas Cell Vehicles: DONGFENG 12.28. Gas Cell Vehicles: HYUNDAI 12.29. Gas Cell Vehicles: DAIMLER / VOLVO 12.30. Gas Cell Vehicles: TOYOTA / HINO 12.31. Arcola Power 12.32. ULEMCo Ltd 12.33. Gas Cell Truck Instance Specs 13. 2020 ETRUCK SALES UPDATE 13.1. European Electrical Truck Gross sales 2016-2020 13.2. Addressable Truck Market: Europe Market Share 2020 13.3. Medium and Heavy-Obligation Truck Gross sales in Europe 13.4. TRATON GROUP Electrical Truck Orders H1 2021 13.5. VOLVO Group H1 2021 13.6. Primary Truck Manufacturers within the U.S. 13.7. Addressable Truck Market: U.S. Market Share 2020 13.8. Medium and Heavy-Obligation Truck Gross sales within the U.S. 13.9. U.S. Electrical Truck Gross sales 2016-2020 13.10. U.S. Electrical Vehicles Producers 13.11. China Heavy-Obligation Electrical Truck Gross sales in 2020 13.12. Electrical Heavy-Obligation Truck Gross sales in China 2020 13.13. Electrical Heavy-Obligation Truck Gross sales in China 2021 13.14. Addressable Truck Market: China HDT Market Share 2020 13.15. Medium and Heavy-Obligation Truck Gross sales in China 13.16. Restoration from Coronavirus: Addressable Truck Market 13.17. Truck OEMs Decide to Electrification 13.18. Volvo Vehicles 13.19. Daimler Vehicles & Buses 13.20. Traton Group 13.21. PACCAR 13.22. CNH Industrial / IVECO / Nikola 13.23. TESLA 13.24. BYD 14. FORECASTS 14.1. Overview 14.1.1. Forecast Assumptions 14.1.2. Forecast Methodology 14.1.3. Battery Scarcity Assumptions 14.1.4. Li-ion Cell and Pack Value Assumptions 2020-2030 14.1.5. Market forecast: Common battery capability for electrical medium-duty vehicles (kWh) 2020-2041 14.1.6. Market forecast: Common battery capability for electrical heavy-duty vehicles (kWh) 2020-2041 14.1.7. Market forecast: Common battery capability for medium- and heavy-duty gasoline cell electrical vehicles (kWh) 2020-2041 14.1.8. Market forecast: Common battery capability for medium- and heavy-duty PHEV vehicles (kWh) 2020-2041 14.2. Medium and Heavy-Obligation Truck Market Forecasts 2021-2041 14.2.1. M&HDT international gross sales (000s items) 14.2.2. M&HDT international gross sales: BEV, PHEV and FCEV (000s) 14.2.3. eM&HDT gross sales by area (000s items) 14.2.4. M&HDT market share forecast for eM&HDT (%) 14.2.5. eM&HDT battery demand forecast (GWh) 14.2.6. eM&HDT battery demand forecast by area (GWh) 14.2.7. eM&HDT market forecast ($US billion) 14.2.8. eM&HDT market forecast by area ($US billion) 14.2.9. FCEV M&HDT Gas Cell Demand Forecast (MW) 14.3. Medium-Obligation Truck Market Forecasts 2021-2041 14.3.1. MDT international gross sales (000s items) 14.3.2. eMDT gross sales: BEV, PHEV and FCEV (000s) 14.3.3. eMDT gross sales by area (000s items) 14.3.4. MDT market share forecast for eMDT 14.3.5. eMDT battery demand forecast (GWh) 14.3.6. eMDT battery demand forecast by area (GWh) 14.3.7. eMDT market forecast ($US billion) 14.3.8. eMDT market forecast by area ($US billion) 14.3.9. FCEV MDT Gas Cell Demand Forecast (MW) 14.4. Heavy-Obligation Truck Market Forecasts 2021 2041 14.4.1. HDT international gross sales (000s items) 14.4.2. eHDT gross sales: BEV, PHEV and FCEV (000s) 14.4.3. eHDT gross sales by area (000s items) 14.4.4. HDT market share forecast for eHDT 14.4.5. eHDT battery demand forecast (GWh) 14.4.6. eHDT battery demand forecast by area (GWh) 14.4.7. eHDT market forecast ($US billion) 14.4.8. eHDT market forecast by area ($US billion) 14.4.9. FCEV HDT Gas Cell Demand Forecast (MW) 14.5. Regional Gross sales Forecasts 2021-2041 14.5.1. Europe MDT gross sales (000s items) 14.5.2. Europe HDT gross sales (000s items) 14.5.3. US MDT gross sales (000s items) 14.5.4. US HDT gross sales (000s items) 14.5.5. China MDT gross sales (000s items) 14.5.6. China HDT gross sales (000s items) 14.5.7. RoW MDT gross sales (000s items) 14.5.8. RoW HDT gross sales (000s items)

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