Coconut Oil for Dry Eyes: Advantages, Makes use of, and Dangers

Dry eye syndrome (additionally known as dry eye) is a situation the place the eyes don’t make sufficient tears or the proper of tears.

Dry eye may cause a stinging or burning sensation in your eyes, or really feel like there’s one thing in your eye. It may possibly trigger redness and irritation, blurred imaginative and prescient, and tearing up within the eyes. It might additionally make sporting contact lenses uncomfortable or painful.

Dry eye might be handled in plenty of methods. One residence treatment for dry eye that’s beneficial by some specialists is virgin coconut oil, which can have antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties, in addition to moisturizing compounds which will assist cut back tear evaporation.

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Well being Advantages of Coconut Oil for Dry Eye

Protecting Layer

The tear movie spreads over the attention whenever you blink to maintain the attention’s floor easy and clear, and to take care of good imaginative and prescient.

The tear movie consists of three layers:

  • An oily layer: The skin of the tear movie; makes the tear floor easy and prevents tears from drying up too rapidly
  • A watery layer: The center of the tear movie; makes up most of what we see as tears; cleans the attention and washes away particles that shouldn’t be within the eye
  • A mucus layer: The interior layer of the tear movie; helps hold the attention moist by spreading the watery layer over the attention’s floor

Dry eye may end up if the eyes don’t make sufficient tears or if one thing impacts a number of layers of the tear movie.

No human trials have been carried out on coconut oil as a remedy for dry eye, however a examine of rabbits confirmed that coconut oil can create a protecting layer over the tear movie. This could stop evaporation and cut back dry eye.

Antibacterial and Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Some research have proven that the lauric acid in coconut oil seems to inhibit the expansion of some micro organism. Others point out the potential of coconut oil within the remedy of irritation. In concept, this implies virgin coconut oil may assist dry eye if it has a bacterial or inflammatory element, however this use has not been studied.

A Observe About Research on Coconut Oil

The Harvard T.H. Chan Faculty of Public Well being notes that lots of the well being claims made about coconut oil discuss with analysis that used a particular formulation of coconut oil manufactured from 100% medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). This isn’t the industrial coconut oil generally out there at most supermarkets.

As well as, lots of the research on coconut oil are carried out in vitro (which means outdoors of the physique, for instance in a petri dish) or are animal research. Extra human research are wanted earlier than concrete well being claims might be made.

Potential Aspect Results

Within the 2015 examine on rabbits, virgin coconut oil confirmed no indicators of harming the animals’ eyes. This implies that virgin coconut oil could also be secure for human eyes, however this has not been confirmed with analysis.

Dosage and Preparation

As a result of it has not been studied in people, there isn’t any normal dosage or preparation for using coconut oil within the remedy of dry eye.

Some eye clinics recommend soaking a cotton ball in virgin coconut oil and putting it on the closed eyelid or lids a number of occasions a day till not wanted.

Different specialists advise utilizing coconut oil in its liquid type as eye drops, however proceed with the next solely after consulting together with your eye physician:

  1. Partially fill a small bowl with scorching faucet water.
  2. Place a couple of teaspoon of virgin coconut oil into a unique, smaller bowl.
  3. Place the smaller bowl within the bigger bowl, and permit to take a seat till the oil is liquefied. Don’t microwave the coconut oil, as this modifications the molecular construction of the oil and kills the lauric acid.
  4. Let the liquefied oil cool.
  5. Utilizing a small glass dropper, withdraw some oil from the bowl.
  6. Tip your head again and put just a few drops of the oil into every eye. The eyes could also be cloudy for a couple of minutes.
  7. Repeat twice a day, morning and night, for every week.

Observe that these and any suggestions to be used of coconut oil within the eyes are subjective and never confirmed. At all times seek the advice of a watch physician earlier than placing coconut oil or different substances in your eyes.

Coconut Oil for Blepharitis

Blepharitis is a situation involving irritation of the eyelids. It may be brought on by plenty of elements, however in about half of circumstances, the situation is triggered by a kind of mite known as demodex folliculorum. Current analysis means that coconut oil could also be useful in managing the signs.

In a 2020 examine, coconut oil was utilized over the lid margins of individuals with a demodex infestation. After they have been reevaluated on the three-week mark, all of the contributors have been symptom-free. Whereas not eradicated, the mite rely dropped by 52.8%. Nonetheless, extra analysis is required to judge using coconut oil as a remedy for blepharitis.

What to Look For

Should you resolve to make use of coconut oil for dry eye, select virgin coconut oil. Since it’s unrefined, it retains greater ranges of antibiotic and anti inflammatory compounds like lauric acid. Refined coconut oil additionally generally makes use of chemical solvents, which can be dangerous to eyes.

Extra Dwelling Treatments for Dry Eyes

Standard therapies for dry eye embrace industrial eye drops and prescription drugs, and if dry eye is extreme sufficient, surgical procedure or a process to position small plugs within the tear ducts could also be needed.

Usually, gentle to reasonable dry eye might be handled with residence cures. In case you are postpone by the dearth of human research on using coconut oil for dry eye, you may attempt one other methodology of reduction, akin to:

  • Avoiding irritants like smoke, wind, and air-con
  • Utilizing a humidifier in your house or office
  • Limiting display time and taking display breaks to present your eyes a relaxation
  • Carrying wraparound sun shades outdoors
  • Staying hydrated by ingesting loads of water
  • Getting sufficient good high quality sleep
  • Making use of heat compresses in your eyes
  • Massaging your eyelids
  • Utilizing a mild cleanser meant for eyelids
  • Blinking extra

Along with life-style modifications, a 2012 examine confirmed a rise in tear manufacturing after caffeine consumption. Extra analysis is required to see if caffeine is efficient as a remedy for dry eye.

A Phrase From Verywell

Coconut oil has been beneficial as a remedy for dry eye by some eye clinics and anecdotal proof on web sites. Nonetheless, it has not been evaluated for efficacy and security on people. If attempting coconut oil, proceed with warning and solely beneath the recommendation of your eye physician.

Many different residence therapies for dry eye can be utilized along with or as an alternative of coconut oil that will help you discover reduction from dry eye. There are additionally medical therapies out there.

In case your eyes are irritated, make an appointment together with your eye physician or healthcare supplier to test if dry eye is the wrongdoer, and see what they recommend to assist.

Often Requested Questions

Is it secure to use coconut oil on and round your eyes?

The security and efficacy of coconut oil used within the eyes has not been decided in people by analysis. One examine on rabbits indicated it was not dangerous to the rabbits’ eyes.

Anecdotal proof means that the remedy just isn’t dangerous to human eyes, but it surely can’t be deemed secure with certainty till it’s studied. At all times ask your eye physician earlier than placing coconut oil, or anything, in your eyes.

What pure therapies lubricate dry eyes?

Heat compresses on the eyes, staying hydrated, and blinking extra are methods to naturally lubricate your eyes. Measures akin to utilizing a humidifier, defending your eyes from irritants akin to smoke and dry air, and limiting display time also can assist with dry eye.

Does petroleum jelly work the identical manner as coconut oil for dry eyes?

Petroleum jelly merchandise like Vaseline can present a lipid layer which will defend the pores and skin across the eyes. Nonetheless, petroleum jelly can’t be liquified like coconut oil, so shouldn’t be used within the eye. Additional, it doesn’t comprise the identical antibacterial and anti inflammatory compounds that coconut oil offers.

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